SF ACFE Spring Anti-Fraud Virtual Conference Speaker Biography and Agenda

Session 1:

The Critical Pathway to Insider Risk


What happens when individuals conduct malicious acts inside organizations? What processes do they go through and what interventions can be taken from a human perspective? We will take a look into the mind of an ‘insider’ and provide insights into comprehensive programmes to address insider threats in organizations. Elsine will focus on the critical pathway approach (Shaw & Sellers) and will use case studies to take you along on their paths to derailment.


Elsine Van Os

CEO, Signpost Six – Clinical Psychologist and Intelligence and Security Expert

  • Elsine van Os, Founder and CEO of Signpost Six, is a Clinical Psychologist and Intelligence and Security Expert. Elsine has worked on high profile assignments for the Dutch Ministry of Defense and Shell International, where she held global responsibility for security threat assessments and management on country, asset and individual levels. Elsine has worked in various capacities in over 50 countries (often high-risk regions such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria and Colombia).
  • In her work, she has designed, developed and executed methodologies to develop management team members’ and employees’ security consciousness and risk assessment skills. Working for years in the Oil and Gas sector, a high-risk environment for all forms of (cyber) security threats, Elsine and the industry simultaneously grew up with growing threats in the cyber domain. She observed, however, the heavy reliance on technological solutions at the expense of the human factor. This led to Elsine focusing on behavioural science and risk assessment as an integral part of Signpost Six’s Insider Risk programme. She is also the owner of Signpost Film Productions and released a documentary about Edward Snowden in 2018.

Session 2:

Dirty Tobacco:

A Case Study in Espionage, Cryptomarkets, and Honey Traps


Multinational tobacco companies are under growing pressure from both increased regulation and a new crop of smaller competitors, which has seen it turn to a series of dirty tactics in fending off both. This presentation focuses on how the tobacco industry uses technologies to spy on both their competitors and regulators, and to secretly pay its network of agents; and the emergence of opaque cryptomarkets on the dark web as a new sales channel.


Telita Snyckers

Independent Illicit Trade Expert, Writer, Speaker

  • Telita Snyckers is an independent illicit trade expert. Key clients include the International Monetary Fund, after having previously worked as an Executive at the South African Revenue Service, a compliance manager with the tax man in Singapore and a Director with niche consulting firm Sovereign Border Solutions.
  • She has a Masters Degree in Constitutional Law and Fundamental Rights, and was admitted as a practising attorney specialising in commercial litigation in her native South Africa.
  • She now spends her time between Asia and Denmark, and with assignments in over 25 countries around the world, brings unique global insights. Her exposé on the role of big tobacco in fuelling illicit trade – Dirty Tobacco – was released in 2020; she is also a regular contributor to the Financial Mail, and frequently speaks at conferences.  

Session 3

Inside Out:

Considerations for building an effective Inside Threat Program


About a quarter of corporate breaches are related to insiders, who have much more access to information than in the past thanks, in part due to cloud collaboration tools and a proliferation of platforms adopted across an organization.  This panel discussion will feature industry experts who have developed insider threat programs for both government and corporate clients.  The discussion will cover both the current state of insider threats, contemporary case examples, and effective steps for building your own insider threat program.


Joe Pochron

Senior Manager, EY Forensic & Integrity Service Practice

  • Joe Pochron is a Senior Manager in EY’s Forensic & Integrity Service Practice, based in San Francisco, CA. Joe’s expertise is in digital forensics and cyber response, helping EY clients on complex cyber investigations and cyber incidents response needs.
  • Joe has over 18 years of combined experience in digital forensics, cybercrime investigations, eDiscovery, and cyber incident response. During that time, he has investigated or managed thousands of cases involving the collection and analysis of computer, mobile device, network, and cloud-based data.
  • At EY, Joe routinely consults with clients regarding cyber security, digital forensics, incident response and electronic discovery matters. He has managed the preservation, analysis, and review of electronically stored information in a wide range of matters including investigations, independent litigation, regulatory compliance and internal inquiries.
  • Joe has testified numerous times in local, state, and federal legal matters as a digital forensic expert. Additionally, he frequently provides expert affidavits, or expert forensic reports for clients in support of digital forensic analysis or cyber investigative needs
  • Joe is a frequent speaker at technical or legal conferences. Additionally, he has been an educator for many industry professionals, serving as an adjunct professor at the university level for many years, teaching courses on digital forensics and cybercrime.

Lou Bladel

EY Managing director in the Forensic & Integrity Service

  • Lou is a managing director in the Forensic & Integrity Services practice. He is the Practice Leader for Intellectual Property Theft Services, which assists clients in responding to, investigating and remediating intellectual property and trade secret theft. Lou and his team develop and implement comprehensive data integrity and security services. Lou consults with US federal law enforcement agency directors, government regulators and key executives of Fortune 100 companies, Fortune 500 C-suite officials and boards of directors from across industry on matters of economic espionage and insider threats.
  • Lou has over 26 years of federal law enforcement experience serving in the U.S. Marshals Service, Naval Criminal Investigative Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), retiring from the FBI in 2016. The majority of Lou’s law enforcement career involved leading and investigating counterintelligence matters.
  • Lou has held numerous leadership positions within the FBI, including Special Agent in Charge of the New York office of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division where he led the recent espionage/insider threat arrest and successful plea negotiation of an FBI employee. As Chief of the FBI’s Counterespionage Section, he led the espionage investigations of David Petraeus and Edward Snowden. He also led the production of The Company Man, an award-winning training film that educated private sector companies on the dangers of economic espionage. The film won an Emmy (2016), the CINE Golden Eagle Award (2014) and five gold and bronze Peer Awards.

Douglas D Thomas

Director, Counterintelligence Operations and Investigations, Lockheed Martin Corporation

  • Douglas D. Thomas is the Director, Counterintelligence Operations and Investigations for Lockheed Martin Corporation.  In this capacity, he leads a staff that is responsible for providing advice and guidance relative to investigations, counterintelligence, insider threat, counterterrorism and workplace violence matters impacting the Corporation.  He is also the primary face to the Intelligence Community.  His primary roles are to identify intelligence and terrorism threats to Lockheed Martin Corporation, work with internal and external partners to mitigate those threats, and provide oversight over security-related investigations across the enterprise.
  • Prior to joining Lockheed Martin, Mr. Thomas was the Principal Deputy Director of Counterintelligence under the Office of the Director of National Intelligence following a mini-confirmation process by the White House, and the House and Senate Select Committees on Intelligence. In this capacity, Mr. Thomas chaired the National Counterintelligence Operations Board, comprised of the Directors of Counterintelligence for each of the Intelligence Community agencies.
  • His office was responsible for multiple documents due annually to the President and the Congress, such as the National Threat Identification Prioritization Assessment, which informed the President on the gravest intelligence threats facing the United States, and the National Counterintelligence Strategy, which informed the President of how the Intelligence Community would mitigate those threats.  Mr. Thomas retired from this position on October 1, 2011.

Session 4:

Deepfakes in Fraud


Video or audio clips manipulated by advanced technology, otherwise known as “deepfakes,” could produce devastating societal impacts, from swinging elections to causing riots or even prompting a war. As researchers, governments, and technology companies grapple with the existential threats posed by deepfakes, the fraud implications of the phenomenon might be overlooked. 


Mason Wilder

Senior Research Specialist, ACFE

  • Mason Wilder, CFE, is a Senior Research Specialist for the ACFE. In this role, he creates and updates ACFE materials for continuing professional education with a focus on investigation, conducts trainings, writes for all the ACFE publications, and responds to member and media requests. Prior to joining the ACFE, Wilder worked in corporate security intelligence and investigations at multiple companies, specializing in background and due diligence investigations as well as intelligence analysis for international physical security and crisis response.

Session 5:

EDD Panel


Will consist of a panel with guest speakers on the current California EDD fraud.



Steve Morang

Senior Manager, Frank, Rimerman Leader Fraud and Forensics

  • Steve is a global leader in fraud prevention, detection, investigation, ethics, and compliance. Over the past twenty years Steve has developed multiple methodologies to help organizations stay ahead of the latest trends in fraud. He has a Master of Business Administration (Finance) and is a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional (CCEP) and holds the Certification in Risk Management Assurance (CRMA).
  • Steve has been featured in publications such as Forbes, American Banker, Internal Audit (Ia) and Fraud Magazine. Additionally, Steve is the author of the Big Frauds column of Fraud Magazine and is an Adjunct Professor of Fraud & Ethics at Golden Gate University. Steve is also the past President of the San Francisco Chapter of the ACFE and former – Chair of the ACFE Higher Education Committee. He is also an active member of the San Francisco Bay Area Infragard Chapter and has FBI FOUO clearance.

Jordan Boyd

Inspector, San Mateo District Attorney’s Office

  • Jordan Boyd, a San Mateo County (CA) native, has been a sworn peace office since 1996. For the past nine years Jordan has worked for the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office as a General Felony Inspector. Jordan is responsible for investigating a myriad of crimes including homicides, public corruption, and crimes committed against the Court. In July 2020 Jordan was the lead investigator in a large-scale fraud involving San Mateo County Jail inmates fraudulently applying for pandemic-related unemployment insurance. That case, dubbed “Operation Blackjack,” resulted in the arrest of twenty-one (21) defendants and has been the largest multi-defendant case in San Mateo County history.  

Session 6:

What happens to stolen Intellectual Property after the break-in?


This presentation will focus on high profile Cyber IP theft, fraud, espionage cases and common cybercriminal OpSec failures. Despite its widespread lack of understanding, Ai/ML is a technology that is transforming cyber investigations. A look into the past effectiveness of Ai/ML as it applies to Cyber Investigations.


Wayne Burke

Vice President, Cyber2labs

  • Wayne is recognized Internationally as a cyber security professional with more than 20 years’ work experience, achievements, and contributions to the IT Cyber Security Industry. Currently specializing in, IOT, Mobile hardware, Digital Forensics, Penetration Testing, and autonomous UAV / Drone Security. Wayne and his Group specialize in a broad range of Cyber Security Services and Products, such as custom-built hardware defense decoy devices which also utilize AI.

Session 7:

Information Governance




Bhuvan Singh

Senior Manager – Forensics, EY

Session 8:

Investigation Game


The Investigation Game | Case of the Cash Flow Fiasco provides players with a learning experience to explore the fraud risks that exist for creditors and vendors when borrowers and customers are facing cash flow challenges. This session is perfect for fraud fighters of all experience levels who would like an in-depth look into working a fraud investigation. The case study is based on an actual fraud investigation performed by Leah Wietholter, MBA, CFE, PI.


Leah Wietholter

CEO and Founder, Workman Forensics

  • Leah Wietholter is the CEO of Workman Forensics in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  As a Certified Fraud Examiner and private investigator, Wietholter is an expert in following patterns to find money. While working for the FBI, Wietholter discovered an interest in forensic accounting. Wietholter then worked at a public accounting firm in the forensic accounting division. She opened Workman Forensics in 2010 to help clients become a modern-day Sherlock Holmes to find money using what she has coined as “data sleuthing”.
  • She has testified in State and Federal courts.Wietholter has created several forensic accounting inspired products including The Investigation Game and Find Money in Divorce. Wietholter also hosts The Investigation Game Podcast where all things related to investigations are discussed with industry experts. Wietholter volunteers as Treasurer for the Tulsa Crime Stoppers. Wietholter holds a degree in accounting from Oral Roberts University and an MBA from Oklahoma State University.