SF ACFE Fall Anti-Fraud Virtual Conference Speaker Biography and Agenda

Speaker Topics and Biographies

Session 1:

Uncovering the Links Between Fraud and Intelligence Operations


What are the similarities between fraud and espionage? More than one would expect. Mr. Turner will walk us through the key similarities using his CIA operations experience to discuss: Target Identification, Study, Approach, Cultivation, Access, and Evaluation. In addition, Mr. Turner will utilize examples from well-known cases such as Wirecard and cases from MI6, as well as from his own experience, to make this a presentation one will not want to miss.  


Christopher Turner

Author and Retired Operations Officer, CIA Europe, and Asia

  • Christopher Turner had a 25-year career in the Central Intelligence Agency’s Directorate of Operations, during which he completed several sensitive assignments in the Far East, South Asia, and Europe. He is a recipient of the Intelligence Star, a rare commendation for valor under fire. Prior to his government service, Turner worked as an archaeologist in the US, Polynesia, and Southeast Asia.
  • Turner is the author of the nonfiction book “The CASSIA Spy Ring: A History of OSS’s Maier-Messner Group” (McFarland & Co., 2017), the historical espionage thriller “Where Vultures Gather” (Novel Truths, 2020), an illustrated and appended historical novel, “Lieutenant Barnaby’s Inflatable Air Force” (Novel Truths, 2020), and “Sunset in the Garden of Eden” (Novel Truths, 2021), a parable—illustrated with vintage photographs and maps—set in the physical and moral extremes of the Second World War.

Session 2:

Financial Crime and The Compliance World


The current era of rapid developments of regulatory requirements by regulators has increased importance of enhanced AML/FCC/Regulatory Compliance activities for better results on an enterprise level. At the same time, it is becoming critical for an organization to position the role of the cost departments either Compliance, Fraud or Audit for enhancing Compliant Business profits among its competitors.


Syeda Mehar Zehra

MLRO and Head of AML & Sanctions Compliance, HBL Currency Exchange Pakistan

  • Syeda Mehar Zehra is a MLRO and Head of AML & Sanctions Compliance at HBL Currency Exchange and is the first female securing CAMS credential in Pakistan. Syeda frequently speaks at international conferences discussing FCC, Regulatory Compliance, Fraud, Technology, and Auditing.
  •  She was recognized as ACAMS lead subject-matter expert and as a key content advisor for ACAMS certificate curriculum development. She is a valued author, featured in ACAMS Today, Forbes and ICA InCompliance Magazine.
  • Zehra has a dynamic experience with KPMG and Standard Chartered Bank. Her academic achievements include a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering and a Master of Business and Management degree.

Session 3

The Swindling Seductress


This was the case of Dana Lawrence, the mother of six children by six different men, who was a professional grifter.  Lawrence grew up relatively poor in northern Florida, was a high school dropout, who started her criminal career at the age of 17. Over the years Lawrence targeted successful men, who had neglected their personal lives for the most part, to start a family  Lawrence also created a false background story of being a Harvard educated attorney, who had a trust fund she was trying to access, to get personal loans from associates.  She traveled the country for 13 years as a fugitive, changing names from city to city, until captured in May of 2017 in Nashua, NH, where she had taken a position as a grant writer for the Mayor.


Mark Hastbacka

Special Agent, FBI

  • City of Nashua (NH) Police Detective from 1987 to 1997. FBI Special Agent 1997 to the current date.
  • From 1997 to 1999 assigned to Violent Crime Squad in the Miami Division.
  • From 1999 to the current date assigned to work Counterterrorism investigations with assignments in Miami (twice), FBI Headquarters, Baghdad (Iraq), and the Boston Division. 
  • Currently assigned to the Bedford Resident Agency out of the Boston Division.
  • Supervisor in Miami Division, Baghdad, and FBI HQ.
  • Notable cases:
    • Florida Four IRA gun trafficking case (Case Agent)
    • 9/11 Case Agent for Florida aspect (Case Agent)
    • Jose Padilla (Supervisor)
    • Liberty City Seven (Supervisor)

Session 4:

When the Audit Becomes an Investigation


Introduction to Blockchain investigations, provide a high-level overview of what crypto is, the role crypto exchanges play in the ecosystem, the types of crimes involving blockchain and how to conduct blockchain criminal investigations.


Isa Alvarez

Senior Investigator, Global Intelligence Team, Coinbase

  • Isa Alvarez is a Sr. Investigator at Coinbase in the Global Intelligence team. A graduate from University of Maryland with a BS in Investigative Forensics.
  • Isa is also a Certified Fraud Examiner and Anti-Money Laundering Specialist.
  • Isa and her team collaborate with Global Law Enforcement and Government agencies in the fight against cybercrime. 

Session 5:

Manage Attribution 101: What It Is and How to Use It


Keeping online investigations secure and anonymous is essential. The best way to do this is through managed attribution. It lets you proactively control your online identity and shapes how others perceive your actions and intent. That means you can move freely around the internet without letting the bad guys see you and without putting your organization at risk. Join Authentic8’s introductory webinar on managed attribution: Naked and Exposed: Stop Investigating Online without Managed Attribution.

 During this webinar, you will learn: What information your browser leaves behind and how it can compromise your online investigations. Why you cannot completely conceal your identity with incognito, private browsing, and VPNs. The difference between non-attribution, managed attribution, and misattribution; and when and why you would use each one.


Adam Huenke

Open-Source Intelligence Training Specialist, Authentic8

  • Adam Huenke is an Open-Source Intelligence Training Specialist with  9 years’ experience as an All-Source Intelligence Analyst.
  • In addition, Adam has 6 years of experience gained while working at TSM Corporation as an Intelligence Training Support Analyst/Cellular Operations Specialist and 2 years of experience at Huntington National Bank as a Cyber Threat Analyst.

Session 6:

Social Media Trends in Fraud Investigations




Desiree Thompson

Lieutenant, Insurance Fraud Division, Bureau of Investigations, Santa Clara County DA’s Office

  • Coming Soon!

Session 7:

Responsible AI


Artificial Intelligence has changed the way businesses stay competitive. However, with this new science comes new requirements in ethics, compliance, and governance. In this session, we will review ethical issues related to AI, interpretability and explainability of machine learning, audit frameworks that specifically address AI governance and other topics that are relevant to audit processes that fraud examiners must be aware of.


Paul Starrett

CEO, Starrett Consulting Inc.

  • Paul Starrett, EnCE, CFE, is an attorney and private investigator specializing in privacy and data-protection technology. His consulting firm specializes in automated integration, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity-risk consulting.
  •  His 25-year career includes roles as general counsel, chief risk officer and as an information-security software engineer.
  • Paul holds a Master’s Degree in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University and a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Taxation from Golden Gate University.

Session 8:

The Secret Life of the “Comtesse de Monteil”


In the predawn hours of March 7, 1908, the corridors of Nice’s Hôtel Impérial were quiet. Down one plush hallway, a woman in black moved noiselessly in felt-soled shoes, melting into the shadows. She wore a black veil that shrouded her features and carried a set of silver lockpicks. But she was not alone. After years of pursuit, French police were about to catch the so-called Comtesse de Monteil in the act. Her real name was Amélie Condemine and she was a jewel thief, cat burglar, and con artist. For nearly two decades, this stylish swindler stole her way across the Mediterranean’s most opulent tourist destination, leading a band of thieves who took on similarly grand identities, posing as an Italian diplomat or the son of a wealthy shipowner. The capture of the Comtesse de Monteil was an immediate media sensation, making international headlines from Paris to New Zealand. Discover the history of France’s most notorious female jewel thief—and real life “Catwoman”—and learn about the stories that she has inspired.


Caroline Elenowitz-Hess

Fashion Historian

  • Caroline Elenowitz-Hess is a fashion historian based in New York City and currently a PhD student in Design History at Bard Graduate Center. She received her MA in Fashion Studies from Parsons and a BA in English Literature from Yale University. 
  • Caroline is an instructor with Parsons Paris’ pre-college programs and gives webinars on fashion history with the New York Adventure Club. She has interned at both the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and at the Museum at FIT.
  • Her academic and journalistic articles have been published in Fashion Theory, Atlas Obscura, and Jezebel among others. Her research is focused on definitions of femininity in the twentieth century in France and the United States.