The San Francisco Chapter of the ACFE was organized in early 2010 to provide a forum for San Francisco Bay Area based CFEs and Associate Members to meet their colleagues in the industry, pass on information on current fraud trends, and to obtain (and provide) training in fraud prevention and detection techniques.

Membership of the Chapter is open to any interested parties in the area. This quote best sums up the need for interaction within fraud examiner community:

“As we all know, fraud covers numerous industries and new fraudulent schemes are being created all the time. As a Chapter which supports the fraud fighting effort, we have a responsibility to stay on top of the different fraudulent schemes being created and educate our members and community on fraud detection, investigation and deterrence. Our success in this effort depends entirely on how involved our members are.”

Bill Park (President of Washington DC Chapter)

Please feel free to direct all questions about membership or other details of the San Francisco Chapter to the Chapter President – Steve Morang,

Continued Professional Education

One of the main role of the chapter is to provide continued fraud related training to its members. This training will be in a format that can be used by members as CPE points as required.

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