SF ACFE 2019 Fall Conference Recap


On Friday, October 25th the SF Chapter of the ACFE successfully held an all-day conference at the EY offices in San Francisco. The conference which sold out months in advance, featured many interactive sessions from a wide variety of experts such as ACFE VP and General Counsel John Warren JD CFE, a Fraud Risk Assessment panel led by EY Partner Miles Ripley and a Special Guest Presenters of current and former law enforcement officers. The highlight of the conference was the “Fraudster Panel” led by Golden Gate University Adjunct Professor Sanya Morang. Sanya is also the VP Research & Development for the Chapter and the founder of The Seduction of Fraud (www.seductionoffraud.com). The panel included three fraudsters who have been featured at the ACFE Global Conference – James Scalzo, Ryan Homa and Nathan Mueller. Also present was Jerome Mayne, who also spent time in prison for his crime and is the author of – The Diary of a White Collar Criminal. (www.jeromemayne.com).

Here are some of the comments from attendees of the conference about the panel:

“Yes, it is always nice to hear a different perspective. In my line of work, it is good to hear the severe repercussions of committing fraud. The fraudster panel has given me a glimpse of their reality and allow me to share it with others so they do not commit that were committed.”

“Fraudsters sharing their experiences in-person was extremely valuable, including the impact on their lives, and family and friends.”

“This was the highlight of the day. It was incredibly interesting.”

“Absolutely valuable. It is important to hear the story of a fraudster and learn more about the conditions of fraud occurrences, as well as the personal side of each story.”

“Professor Sanya did a good job getting to the point and held back no punches. The men on the panel came across as sincere to a man. I found their acceptance with living in the ashes as believable.”

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